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scratch + local + small batch

Sunflour is a locally owned bakery and cafe dedicated to scratch baking in small batches everyday.  At Sunflour, our products are made without  chemicals, artifical flavorings, preservatives, dough conditioners, or bleached and bromated flour, only ingedients with names you can pronounce. We make an attempt to adapt our menu seasonally to support local produce vendors so our products can be as fresh as we can make them for you.   At Sunflour, our ingredients can be traced back to its basic ingredients and origins. Stop in to try something from our menu, or walk back to the hallway windows to see how our baked goods are made!


Organic Coffee.

Our coffee is fairly traded, organic, and freshly roasted in Durham, North Carolina by Counter Culture Coffee. We proudly brew their seasonal single-origin beans which are derived from specific farmers with whom Counter Culture partners. Deriving beans from single sources allows Counter Culture to guarantee the utmost quality in organic coffee, to preserve the distinct flavors of coffee regions around the world, and to ensure fair wages to the partnering farmers. A staple at Sunflour is our use of Counter Culture’s Espresso Toscano beans, inspired by the classic caffe dolce or ‘sweet coffee’ tradition of Central Italy. Each shot is sweet and mild with notes of caramel, hazelnut, and rich dark chocolate. All of our espresso drinks are double shot, in one size, so as to stay true to the traditional proportions of the drink.


There’s certainly nothing quite like a fresh and flaky croissant to get your mouth watering. Those delicate French pastries are the pride and joy of the Sunflour menu, as we prepare them completely from scratch. After months of perfecting our recipe, you can rest assured that the combination of European butter and our fermented dough will rival any other croissant you have tasted. Each croissant pastry is fashioned in a three day fermentation and lamination process that gives it 27 layers of dough and butter--the only way it gets so magically flaky. Don’t believe it? Try one as a breakfast sandwich or pick up a chocolate croissant as an any-time treat to yourself. You deserve a taste of Paris every now and again.

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